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VFHosting is a brand property of Vanilla Innovations, Inc. an IT company established in the United States by a group of managers coming from different professional and geographical backgrounds...
We Are Vanilla Innovations
We Are Vanilla Innovations

… brought together by the common beliefs that the information technology field has barely began to tap into the endless innovation opportunities out there and that anything is possible in today’s world. We in fact believe that the future is just one step away and that all we really need to reach it is the imagination to see it and the drive to get there.

We originally established ourselves as a software development company, but in all reality, if we take into account several partially independent divisions, such as Qu:Qo (communication agency operating in the wine & food sector), VFHosting (hosting and more) and SmartTree (branch that develops IoT for the personal gardening sector), it’s clear that Vanilla Innovations is increasingly evolving into a company fully involved in all aspects of technology, in addition to being a hub for new ideas and talents.

Vanilla Innovations Logo

The tree we chose as our logo represents our nature: like a willow, we can bend in the wind; like a sequoia, we can withstand the most disastrous circumstances; like a huge baobab we can home entire families; and like a tall pine tree, we can shoot up to touch the sky. The tree well represents us both as a physical entity and as a metaphorical concept: it welcomes us, feeds us, and shelters us.

Our Values

We are all part of this wonderful thing called LIFE: we all breathe the same air, drink the same water, and step on the same soil. As part of this world so “naturally” interconnected, the question we should ask ourselves as a company is whether our work, our creativity, and our talent should be enjoyed exclusively by our customers and by the company itself or if it’s maybe time to look beyond.

“An Agile Approach to Life”, our motto, means exactly that: our willingness to look up and gaze beyond our own little space, to adopt a more responsible approach towards what is all around us: an approach that makes us more conscious of water and electricity usage, of the availability of environmentally friendly transportation systems, and finally more attentive to the most appropriate, modern, and safe way to dispose of our trash.

Nothing too complicated or too costly; just a more conscientious approach that can help us lend a hand to this wonderful spaceship that is flying us for free all around our galaxy and that we call EARTH!

Our Home

From the very beginning, Vanilla Innovations has been a company fully committed to a remote work model, a dynamic company that has chosen to get rid of large, centralized offices and has instead opted for small spaces to be used on a need to basis: in Sunny Isles, Florida, where a few of us often cross paths, or in Bergamo where some of us live, or in one of the many coworking spaces now available all over the world.

The bulk of the work… well, is done wherever and whenever people want: at the local coffee shop with a cappuccino and a croissant, on the beach with a gorgeous view of the ocean, or simply at home.

One Netanya Center
Sunny Isles – FL

Palazzo Rezzara
Bergamo – IT

Commonly Asked Questions

Let’s get to know each other better: It’s the first step to become friends

At Vanilla Innovations we are fully committed to our smart work strategy; we are a dynamic company and we offer our employees the freedom to choose where, how, and when to work. This approach guarantees loyalty, happiness, and most of all results.

We have always been convinced that successful companies are not those that have the best products or the most impressive corporate capital. The qualities that make a company truly successful are competence, attitude, staff involvement, customer care, attention to results, quality standards, and environmental awareness.

As an unconventional company, our clients also have an unconventional meaning to us. They are not just companies to which we provide services in exchange for money; they essentially become partners that contribute to our own growth the same way as we contribute to theirs.